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With two exceptions:             17 November 2018: Manx Museum iMuseum
                                                     30 March 2019:       AGM at 2.00 pm     



Saturday 27 October

Dr Mike Hoy MBE
Votes for Women:  The Isle of Man Franchise Acts 1881, 1892 and 1908

The story of Manx franchise reform in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in the contexts of traditional women’s rights in the Isle of Man and early medieval and modern Scandinavia, the suffragette movement in Manchester and the campaign for female emancipation in New Zealand. 


Saturday 17 November

Ivor Ramsden
The history and work of the Manx Aviation and Military Museum, Ronaldsway
To be held in the iMuseum, Kingswood Grove, Douglas

The Director of the Manx Aviation and Military Museum will give a brief overview of Manx aviation and military history during the twentieth century, featuring some of the individuals, events and places followed by an outline of the Museum’s exhibitions and its plans for the future.  Run by volunteers, the Aviation and Military Museum has grown to be one of the most popular places to visit on the Island at Ronaldsway.  It brings history to life by telling the stories of people involved in some of the most significant events in the past hundred years.


Saturday 8 December 

Neil Morris
A Bird’s-Eye View of Manx Birdlife from the Managing Director of Manx Birdlife



Saturday 26 January

Dr Patricia Tutt
Neolithic Street Lighting, Christian Symbolism or Sexual Metaphor?

Dr Tutt substantially updates her illustrated lecture, originally given in the University of Liverpool Continuing Education series 2009, on the widespread and exuberant use of quartz in the Manx-built environment and landscape from the Neolithic period to the present day.


Saturday 16 February

Dr Rachel Crellin (University of Leicester), Dr Chris Fowler (Newcastle University) and Dr Michelle Gamble (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
New Evidence from Old Bones:  Results and interpretations from recent analyses of the Bronze Age and Neolithic human remains on the Isle of Man

As part of the Round Mounds of the Isle of Man project, between October 2016 and October 2017 the Neolithic and Bronze Age human remains stored at the Manx Museum were examined using modern osteological techniques for the first time.  The osteological analysis not only reveals new information about prehistoric burial practices and those who were buried on the Island during these periods, but also allowed the selection of samples for isotopic analysis and radiocarbon dating.  In this talk the speakers will bring together the results of these new analyses to talk about Neolithic and Bronze Age burial practices on the Island.


Saturday 2 March

Presidential Address
Andrew Johnson - Curator, Field Archaeology/ Inspector of Ancient Monuments, Manx National Heritage

The Coastal Defence of the Isle of Man c.1530-1870

The control and protection of the 100-mile coastline of the Isle of Man has preoccupied our forebears for thousands of years, leaving us a legacy of Iron Age promontory forts, medieval ‘watch and ward’ stations, and artillery fortifications dating from the 16th to the 19th centuries.  The latter were last considered in detail by Robert Curphey in the 1960s and the speaker will reassess the evidence for these coastal forts and gun emplacements in the light of new fieldwork and documentary evidence.


Saturday 30 March at 2.00 pm
Annual General Meeting, followed by

Adrian Cowin, Ronaldsway Meteorological Office
Meteorology on Mann 

The Senior Meteorological Officer will talk about the weather and climate of our Island in the past, present and future.