The programme is just being finalised, but the first two excursions are:


Tuesday 30th April – 6.30 pm
Summerhill Glen – History, Natural History, historic reservoirs etc.
Leaders - Pat Newton and Kate Hawkins
Please park on the Promenade and make your way to the bottom of Summerhill Glen - inside the gates and up the first set of steps - for 6.30pm (suggest allowing 10 minutes to get from the Promenade to the glen entrance).

Saturday 11th May 2024, 1.30pm
The birds of Derbyhaven and Langness
Leader - Tim Earl
The Langness peninsular together with the beaches and inter-tidal areas of Derbyhaven and Sandwick bays together form one of the most important Manx locations for wading birds and wildfowl. The peninsular is designated as an Area of Special Scientific Interest and much of the area has been designated as a bird sanctuary since 1936. Join us for a walk as we explore the foreshores either side of the isthmus in the company of Tim Earl, a renowned local bird specialist.  We will be present at high tide and Tim will reveal some of the ornithological highlights of this special location. Suitable footwear is advised for a level walk over moderate terrain. Binoculars would be useful if you have them.
Meet at the Lime Kilns, Fort Island Road, Derbyhaven, SC285673


We would like to remind members that dogs are not allowed on any IoMNHAS excursion, and to please wear footwear / clothing appropriate to the conditions.

Any changes to the programme will be advised to members by email and also via our web site and on Twitter / ‘X’:  @IOMNHAS and our Facebook page