Saturday 23rd April “Transatlantic Slave Trade Peel Connections”
Leader Phil Craine
A guided AFTERNOON walk to visit locations in Peel associated with the transatlantic slave trade. We shall examine how the Isle of Man played a crucial role during the eighteenth century by supplying cargoes, ships, captains and mariners as part of the largest forced migration in human history. The walk will finish at the Cathedral where teas may be available.
Meeting Place Weatherglass Corner, Peel SC 243844 for 2.00pm start

Thursday 28th April “Geophysical Site Investigation”
Leader Prof Richard Holme
Geophysics is the study of the Earth below the surface using remote and non-invasive technology. Used for archaeology, evaluation of brownfield sites for development, utility surveying, monitoring of ground water pollution, petroleum exploration or informing windfarm construction, location of unexploded bombs! This AFTERNOON visit will allow participants to see various methods in action and talk to students from The University of Liverpool Geophysics undergraduate programme on a final year field course for the teaching and application of the methods and ask more detailed questions of two professional site investigation specialists. Wear walking boots. Members only.
Meeting Place Entrance to Beckwith’s Mine complex SC 253780 for 2.00pm start
Saturday 14th May “Maughold Church”
Leader Fenella Logan
Following her lecture this AFTERNOON tour both outside and inside the church will show us the details of the structural analysis and dating undertaken over several years.
Meeting place Maughold Sundial in centre of village green SC 493917 for 2.00pm start
Wednesday 15th June “Quilliam’s Castletown”
Leader Helen Leigh
For the last 12 years of his life Captain Quilliam was an MHK with his town house on the Parade in Castletown. This EVENING tour speculates on who he would have been meeting, possible topics of conversation, and the nature of town life generally. Not a lot has changed since then!
Meeting Place Outside Old House of Keys, Parliament Square, Castletown SC 265674 for 6.30pm start
Saturday 25th June “Rollage ny Twoaie“
Leaders Katie Newton & Mark O’Meara
Guided by the North Star, an afternoon event to find out what is practically involved in converting a tholtan into a home. Help with chipping out lime, repointing and gardening. Learn about the history of the locality. Hot drinks & cake supplied. Wear walking boots and warm clothing. Members only. Numbers limited. Please book through Excursion Secretary; details at end of programme card.
Sunday 10th July “Berk Round Mounds”
Leaders Dr Rachel Crellin & Dr Chris Fowler
An AFTERNOON visit to the ongoing archaeological excavation of the burial practices above Berk. Steep hill walk involved. Wear walking boots. Members only. Numbers limited. Please book through Excursion Secretary; details at end of programme card.
Tuesday 12th July “St Johns Church, is there a hidden Secret?”
Leader Philip Pain
An EVENING visit, meeting in the adjacent church hall to view video of the Royal Chapel's cellar, before inspecting the Church's exterior stonework, and then taking a close look at the interior plasterwork. What opinion will YOU arrive at?" Refreshments at 8 pm in the Church Hall.
Meeting Place St. John’s Church Hall SC 278818 for 7.00pm start.
Sunday 17th July “Ramsey Bay”
Leaders Dr Fiona Gell & Anton Cashen
From Port Lewaigue to Queen’s Pier a low tide MORNING walk across the bay looking at its ecology and history, impact of tidal movement, eel grass, rock vegetation and wreck of the “Cevic”.
Meeting Place Port Lewaigue car park SC 470931 for 9.00am start
Saturday 6th August “Marine Drive Butterflies”
Leader Gail Jeffcoate
This AFTERNOON walk along Marine Drive, which is a good place for butterflies, will also look at the plants they depend on, as larvae (caterpillars) and as adult butterflies. Target species for the walk include Grayling and Small Copper. Bring binoculars, especially if you have close-focus ones.
Meeting Place Marine Drive Car Park SC 382742 for 1.30pm start
Thursday 18th August “Tynwald”
Leader Steve Wright
An AFTERNOON guided tour of Tynwald (approx 1½hrs) will take you through the history of the oldest continuous parliament in the world. You can sit in the House of Keys and Tynwald chambers, and hear about the debates and reforms which have made the Isle of Man unique. Please advise Excursion Secretary in advance of any mobility issues as there are several steps.
Meeting Place Legislative Buildings, Finch Road, Douglas SC 380756 for 2.30pm start
Saturday 10th September “Garwick Bay & Its Hinterland”
Leader Andrew Johnson
An AFTERNOON 2 mile (3.5km) triangular route walk encompassing Cashtal Ballagawne, courtesy of Mr & Mrs Willers, and appreciating coming and going to and from the shore, with discussion of coastal defence, pilgrimage, and going to sea before the advent of harbours. Wear Walking boots.
Meeting Place Baldrine Clock SC 427810 for 1.45pm start
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